Facteur Celeste

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Facteur Céleste is a brand invested in Solidarity and Development in the service of women and in with ecologial ethics.

Our main mission is the economic insertion of the women in trouble (illiterates, disabled women, in precarious situation), and in intrinsic way the gratitude by the work, the awareness to the problem of waste, the cross-cultural …

In this context, we helped to structure a women's association in Burkina Faso and trained them to the technique of the crochet to make objects and fashion accessories from recycled plastic bags. The association buys to the craftswomen in a fair price the objects they produce and also encourages them to sell their own creations in a independent way.

The workshop is a real place of life and social, ethnic and religious diversity where the women can meet and exchange, far from the family constraints, and bring their very young children.

This activity accessible to all and requiring few material means allows the women to occupy a remunerative and rewarding creative activity, getting them a financial autonomy. This income allows them an access to healthcare for them and their families, or to school their children in a country where the school is paying. It is also the recognition of a hand-made work and a pride to create from a waste-material to sublimate it.

 (text credit http://www.facteurshop.com/en/)

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